The Seven Devotions

These are the essence of the Great Commission.
The early believers devoted themselves to these 7 things

The Seven Devotions

The Seven Devotions

Love God, Live Christ by the Power of the Holy Spirit

Love God with all your heart, soul and body! As Christ followers, Christ lives in us and empowers us to live a life set apart for Him by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Make Disciples

Jesus said to make disciplined followers of all nations, that means we should work to make disciplined followers of all ‘groups of people’. Jesus said to teach all the things that He told us to do.

Apostle’s Teaching

The Apostles wrote teachings for us, they are the New Testament. Plus, the apostles demonstrated how important the Old Testament is by using it. We need to devote ourselves to the whole Bible, the Word of God.


The word “koinonia” in the Greek is translated ‘fellowship’. Being devoted to this type of fellowship means we should focus on having committed, not just casual, relationships with other believers.

Breaking of Bread

This means eating together and celebrating the Lord’s Supper together. Often, when the early believers gathered for a meal, they celebrated the Lord’s Supper.